Q. What is the relationship between SDG ACE Foundation and African CLean Energy?

A. The foundation supports African Clean Energy (ACE - www.africancleanenergy.com) by ensuring that high-risk underserved customers can be included in their pioneering services and can have access to innovative products. In turn, ACE covers all overheads by including loan management activities in its commercial operations, rather than us fundraising to cover these costs. Although ACE is currently our only implementation partner, we envisage a future with a variety of partners who meet our high standards of operations and transparency.


Q. What can donors expect from SDG ACE Foundation?

A. SDG ACE Foundation aims to provide donors the opportunity to invest in vulnerable and underserved people directly and transparently. By using state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and sophisticated data collection, SDG ACE has and can share significant insight into loan management practices and impacts created through these services. This way donors know that all their contributions go directly to the beneficiaries and can track their impact. The terms of service vary on the sizes of the contributions and for any specific questions, please contact us.


Q. Why only Energy Products?

A. SDG ACE Foundation has identified energy as a major expense that is financially and environmentally inefficient (not to mention deadly) and sees a way to re-allocate those wasted expenses through micro-financing services that save the customer money and improve their quality of life. In future we may expand our lending services for products outside of the energy market, but we want to keep a dedicated focus on this for the foreseeable future.


Q. What about Overheads?

A. SDG ACE Foundation has minimal overheads because management of the loans is covered in the commercial operations of our implementation partners. Our Board Members are not paid, and very few costs are incurred. The foundation has been structured so that all donor funding goes to the borrower, and all costs are covered either by partners, or through the fees charged by the foundation to implementing partners. All money that is profited from these fees is added to the revolving fund in order to extend more loans to our beneficiaries.


For any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.